Exciting News!

This week we unveiled our new nonprofit idea, 240 Strings. As musicians, we are constantly frustrated with the near-impossibility of private music lessons for the vast majority of Mainers and Americans, as well as high ticket prices for many classical music events. How has this happened? The music that used to be the popular music of the day has become largely inaccessible, to the point of seeming elitist. 

I don't think I know any musicians who actually ARE elitist. As a whole, we are pretty down-to-earth and realistic.  We often don't go hear classical music concerts because they are too expensive! Classical music has outpriced the musicians who play it. How bizarre.

The benefits of learning to play classical music, as well as going to hear it, are well-documented.  We don't want to deny any child the right to the important benefits of learning to play an instrument. Not only that, we want them to learn to play WELL! We also want everyone to have the opportunity to go hear classical music without breaking the bank.  OFTEN!! Our goal is a whole series of affordable concerts.

Impossible? That's what we've heard. But we are pretty sure that with hard work and pluck (and courage!) we are going to make this thing happen.

Stay tuned!